All Chloe Gosselin shoes are Italian Sizing :

Size Run


In order to keep your Chloe Gosselin shoes in good condition, the following general leather care is recommended: keep the shoes clean and dry using a dry soft cloth; store them in the dust bag provided, we recommend you store each shoe in a separate bag.

Always store your shoes away from light and heat, rain and moisture.

Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.

Use a high-quality leather, suede and fabric protector spray, do not spray metallic, patent or Ultra Specchio leathers.

Soles and Heels

The soles of your Chloe Gosselin shoes are made of a natural leather and will therefore naturally wear down with usage. This is not a manufacturing defect, it is a natural process and part of the normal wear of the shoes. It is not recommended to walk on wet soil as shoes will get dirty and the stains are very difficult to remove. Please note that small stains on the leather sole can be softened by rubbing gently with an eraser. With extensive wear the heel tip will naturally deteriorate. It is recommended that these are changed before the inner heel begins to show. This is important as having an unstable heel can lead to balancing issues and can affect the shape of the entire shoe. You can change your heel tip at a shoe cobbler.

Nappa Leather

Nappa is a very soft material and shoes made from it will stretch with time and so we recommend allowance is made for this when selecting your size. Nappa is naturally very porous, and therefore coloured creams and moisturising agents should be avoided as these may leave watermarks which are very difficult to remove.


With abrasion and use it is possible for the fabric to moult some fibres. Loose dirt may be removed with a damp cloth and dried immediately away from direct heat. We would advise against the use of any cleaning products.

Calf Leather

Calf is a relatively strong leather but can still become marked with wear and as with all leather products, will require occasional maintenance. Any loose dirt can be wiped with a soft damp cloth and dried immediately away from direct heat. We would advise against the use of any cleaning products containing solvents which will affect the surface finishing on the leather. Coloured creams should also be avoided.

Calf Suede

Calf suede is a very absorbent material and therefore marks easily. We recommend using a specific protective product designed for suede to keep products in good condition. A good quality suede sponge or brush may be used to remove loose dirt but care should be taken as excessive use can cause permanent damage. Suede often has subtle colour variations due to the rub of the leather. Excess exposure to water or other liquids may result in staining. If you believe your suede shoes need further cleaning, please consult a professional leather cleaner or expert


It is important to take extra care with lace shoes as it is a delicate fabrication and needs to be kept out of contact with sharp, rough objects that may catch the material. It is important to keep lace out of contact with water or other liquids. Do not apply leather cleaning products to lace. Please seek a professional cleaning service. When not in use, keep your shoes clean, dry and in their care bags.

Mirror leather

The metallic leather finish to this material may develop wrinkles with constant flexing; this is considered the natural wear of the product and not a fault. Should the leather become wrinkled or scratched, there is no way to restore it. While treating the leather with any alcohol based liquids will damage the metallic finish, mirror leather can be cleaned by gently wiping it with a soft damp cloth and dried immediately. Products made of mirror leather should be stored away from direct sources of humidity and heat. It is in the nature of laminated leathers to lift over time. Ensure that there is minimal contact with sharp objects as this will cause the leather to tear. Ensure the shoes are kept in a cool, dry environment and in their care bags when not in use.

Patent Leather

Patent will easily absorb ink or pigments from other items that they are in contact with. Each shoe should be kept in its single dust bag when not in use and avoid contact with darker or heavily printed materials. Care should be taken to avoid contact with alcohol or any type of solvent which will damage the high shine finish.

Calf Hair

This is a delicate material and should areas become bald it is impossible to reverse the damage. Loose dirt can be removed with a lightly damp cloth and left to dry naturally.


Satin is a delicate fabric, minimal contact with sharp or rough objects may cause it to pull or tear. Contact with liquid may cause satin to stain and therefore it is important to keep your shoes safe from rain and other liquids. In terms of cleaning satin a professional shoe cleaner can advise in this regard. When not in use, keep your shoes clean, dry and in their care bags. For satin shoes with crystal embellishments, ensure the shoes are stored in separate care bags or in such a way that the crystals do not come into contact with any part of the satin.


Glitter fabric can be damaged by friction rubbing against the shoe. The delicacy of this material means the item should be handled with due care. All glitter fabrics will lose a small amount of glitter. This is not a fault and is the nature of the material. If a glitter area becomes bald, the glitter cannot be reapplied. As with all metallic finishes, liquids containing alcohol should be avoided.