7 Highlights from Chloe and David Copperfield’s Footwear News Cover Story

Photos by SHAYAN ASGHARNIA for Footwear News.

Chloe Gosselin and partner David Copperfield are typically very private, but a new interview offers a rare glimpse into the couple’s life together. In the August issue of Footwear News, Chloe and David tell Nikara Johns about how they influence each other creatively, and how they are teaching eight-year-old daughter Sky the importance of hard work. Here, we share our favorite excerpts — to read the full interview, click here.


Chloe is most productive in her Las Vegas studio.

Her workspace is bright and open, with shoes displayed neatly throughout the room... [The space] is covered in material swatches, a rainbow of colored pencils and sketches sitting on top of a desk.

Chloe refuses to compromise on quality.

The idea of becoming a big-margin, made-in-China brand has been tempting, but Gosselin has stuck with her original vision: to create luxury shoes made by artisans in Italy… “Beautiful Italian shoes aren’t going to go anywhere. They are here to stay. It’s not about getting in all stores right now. The strategy is not doing things too fast. We want to build longevity.”

The couple are constantly sharing ideas.

“During the day, David is at home, so we have time to share ideas on whatever we do separately in our jobs,” she said. “The back and forth is very much a part of our lives. We don’t sit down and say, ‘Let’s talk about work.’ It’s part of the way we live.”


David and Chloe share a deep understanding of each other’s creative challenges.

“It’s hard. Shoes are a hard thing. What a choice,” Copperfield said. “There’s a process to get a beautiful result. My work is the same thing. It’s creating something from scratch, and the end result has to be simple and pure. But getting there is difficult.”

One of David’s illusions is inspired by Chloe and her horse, Milo.

In one trick, he makes “Frank,” a 30-foot T-Rex skeleton, appear out of thin air and cozies up to it like a stuffed teddy bear. That’s inspired by Gosselin’s relationship and interaction with her horse, Milo, whom she rides as often as she can.


The couple are teaching daughter Sky the importance of hard work.

“She knows the value, and she sees the work. She goes to his shows and my presentations,” Gosselin said. “The first time I saw my collection at Barneys, I brought her there. When she sees her mom’s name on the wall, she feels the joy in those things.”

David could not be more proud of Chloe’s achievements.

“The world tells you what you have to do to fit in, and she just won’t do it. At the end of the day, [the brand] will last,” Copperfield said. “Watching Chloe find her way and narrowing her focus while still maintaining the integrity of the reason she started [is what I’m most proud of].”


The full interview with Chloe Gosselin and David Copperfield is in the August issue of Footwear News and online at Footwearnews.com.