I have always loved Spring. The flowers, the sunshine, and of course- the multiple events that I get to use as an excuse to buy new shoes. This year is no exception with a plethora of weddings, premium breakfast buffets (or as some call it, Easter), and more. Take a look below to see which shoes will be accompanying me this season!


I have four weddings this Spring- and I’m not complaining. I love weddings. I will laugh the loudest at the bad toast by your brother, eat more than my fair-share of cake and will even dance at the boring songs (but NOT the “Cupid Shuffle”. I have to draw the line somewhere). I need a shoe that I can wear with dresses for every dress code. The Narcissus in our pink/ivory stripe is perfect. I can wear it “Black Tie” and have them be an accent to a simple gown, or mix prints with a fun sundress to a day wedding. The low heel version ensures I can dance all night, or at least until the venue-rental ends at 11pm- I just got married, I know how these things work.


My 10-year high school reunion is coming up, and I want to wear something modest and unassuming. KIDDING! I want to wear something that will make people wish they had asked me to Homecoming Sophomore year. My therapist would say this long-standing gripe should be fixed with sessions, but I’ll chose to fix it with shoes, and the satin color-blocked Lily is the solution. I plan to wear these with tailored black pants and a jacket, so that people think I’m an established business professional, and not someone whose boss has seen them cry in an airport.


Easter is one of my favorite holidays…mostly because I love a good brunch buffet. I need something that will go with a simple, flowy sundress, but will also be good for out-running children to the shrimp cocktail station. The Myra pump is the perfect spring-shade of beige linen, the black toe-cap is beautifully feminine, but the bamboo buckle gives it a bit of an edge. I know this style will also work perfectly with jeans and a tee, which is my typical uniform when I’m not dressed up to peruse the omelet bar.


Although I am far past my school days, I typically like to take an adult “Spring Break”, which consists of visiting my parents in their retirement community in Florida. I need to pack something that can take me from the beach, to dinner, to drinks (which is an afternoon iced tea, how times have changed!). The Gloria leather sandal is my perfect “do-all” shoe. It’s comfortable enough for running around all day, but the gold moon-buckle dresses it up for night (meaning dinner at 5pm, in-bed by 8pm).

Alexandra Ayaub