Celine Dion wears Custom Chloe Gosselin to the 2019 Met Gala


The Friday before the Met Gala, in an airplane hangar in Las Vegas, Chloe presented global superstar Celine Dion with custom heels for the 2019 Met Gala. It ended up being Gosselin’s favorite Met moment- and it happened before the Gala even began. And for Celine? It was love at first sight.

Photo by Dee Amore Marti

Photo by Dee Amore Marti

“To be able to sketch the shoe, see the process of them being made, and then personally hand them off to Celine, it was very exciting”, said Gosselin. Celine had a wonderful (and memorable) reaction to seeing her namesake shoe for the first time. “She took them out of the box and licked the sole of the shoe. Then she held the shoe up to her ear and sang Adele’s ‘Hello’. It was the best moment of the Met for me.” 

Styled by Pepe Munoz & Sydney Lopez, Dion wore a metallic-fringe Oscar de la Renta gown, accented by a stunning Noel Stewart headpiece. “Sydney & Pepe have such great vision, so I was honored that they thought of me to help complete it”, said Gosselin. “We all brainstormed together. They were looking at vintage images of dancing shoes with these layers of gold and silver, with dancing curves and super thin t-strap. And then was born the ‘Celine’ style, a pointy pump with the same jewelry, but with breathtaking Swarovski stones that dropped almost to the floor.”


“We actually created 2 different styles, one very close to the sandal she has worn before, but with thinner straps to not cut the leg so they be almost invisible”, said Gosselin. Celine donned the custom Tori Sandal at the Met Gala after party.


“I can’t imagine a better person to embody the ‘Camp’ theme than Celine”, said Gosselin. “Growing up in France and as a closeted singer she was always someone I looked up to. Not just for her immense talent- but because she is a genuine woman, kind and generous. I also love that she plays with her fashion and never takes herself too seriously. It is a rare thing nowadays, humor and humility,” Gosselin said.

 “She is the kind spirit of confidence, extravagance and creativity. Being a part of this moment has been such a gift”.

 Photos by Pierre-Arnaud Lagache